We are passionate about community. The Norwood Space Center (NSC) is a community of small business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators, creatives, performers and collectors. With shared common and conference room space, businesses who reside at the NSC have the ability to brainstorm, work in unconventional space and socialize with individuals from many different industries. For those who work independently or in small office environments, it gives them the opportunity to step outside their space or studio and be immersed in a group of “like minded” people. We help create the work environment you need and give you the ability to grow.

Presently, we have a mix of retail, commercial and creative space. This space ranges from small artist studios to large commercial suites and everything in between. We were fortunate to withstand many of the business side effects of COVID-19 and gained 3 new tenants that will complement our space. We are excited to welcome Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio, Salvage Angel and the Magic Room. Luke Adams will be occupying our largest space in Building 2, Salvage Angel will be moving into Building 12 and the Magic Room will be completing their performance space in Building 5. This allows us more opportunities to bring the local community into our center. Working together with Percival Brewing and Little Bird Events, we have a local gathering place for “one of a kind” experiences, without having to travel to Boston or Providence. We also have WORKBAR at our facility. They offer individual and corporate memberships for co-work and office space.

Check out our directory to see the businesses who are a part of this community. We aren’t the aeronautic space you thought we were, we are creative work space. We want you to love where you work. Stop by and meet the businesses in this uniquely creative community, you may never leave!


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5 Small Business Marketing Tips during COVID-19

Suddenly, we have more time on our hands than we ever imagined. Those days of "I don't have enough time!" have become "OMG, what am I going to do?". Many of us are working from home trying to reinvent ourselves. We have gone from face-to-face interactions to ZOOM conferencing and FaceTime. Some of us are struggling as work, as we know it, will be put on hold for the next few months. As we look at dwindling revenue, we need to be thinking about marketing opportunities during this down time. Many small businesses struggle with their marketing because of the technology challenges in today's digital world.

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