This weekend Curio Market + Whimsy and Percival Brewing were highlights in the Boston Globe Magazine article “Things to Do” in their January 14, 2018 issue. The issue “Best of the New” features 19 new and fun things to do for families, couples and singles. It also includes food, people and ideas along with shopping and services.

The Norwood Space Center is home to Curio Market + Whimsy and Percival Brewing. Curio Market + Whimsy is a curated weekend artists market and collaborative that launched in October 2017. Besides arts, crafts and workshops, Curio showcases pop-culture memorabilia from the David Bieber Archives as well as the Sneaker Museum which is dedicated to presenting innovative, educational and artistic programming elevating sneaker art and culture. 

Curio Market + Whimsy will be open on Saturday and Sunday, January 20-21 and 27-28 from 10 AM to 4 PM. The theme is RENEWED – Upcycled, Recycled, Reused, Rejuvenated, Reclaimed, Recreated, Revitalized, Repurposed, Reinvented, and Revived. An energized couple of weekends for people to get out, explore, talk to other humans face to face, take a workshop, get renewed! 

There will be artists and artisans offering fine prints, textiles from recycled materials, upcycled home goods, collaged art, soaps, jewelry and goodies for your body, workshops in learning to paint/watercolor, boro/visible mending and creating art journals. 

Percival Brewing is an independent craft beer brewer and distributor in Norwood, Massachusetts. Known for their signature Dot Ale, YOB and Bobby Ferguson Stout, they design great stand-alone brands with great taste. They prefer to produce beer from a nano standpoint, since it helps them to further develop skill sets and brands. The facility houses a rotational art gallery that showcases art from around the region. Besides art, they have free comedy nights on Thursday and we periodically host musical acts on the weekends. Follow them on Facebook.

Proud to have them as part of the Norwood Space Center family! Congratulations! Read the full article.

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