Welcome to the Norwood Space Center – A Hive of Creative Commerce.

The Norwood Space Center is BUZZING with activity that will showcase all the amazing things you can do here. Whether taking up residence or just stopping by, it is a place to work, collaborate and play. Our tenants will offer you the opportunity to be educated and entertained around topics of art, food, music, innovation, life-style and entrepreneurship. Our Space Calendar will incorporate the weekly happenings of Curio Market + Whimsy, our weekly, indoor curated market as well as events from our in-house collaborators; Percival Brewing, Little Bird Events, CoLab Space, David Bieber Archives, The Sneaker Museum, Motherlode and more.

Check in often and see what the BUZZ is all about! Click here for easy access to our calendar.

If you are interested in becoming a tenant in this creative community, please contact David DePree at 781-269-5515 (office), 774-255-0157 (cell) or dave@norwoodspacecenter.com for more information on retail, commercial, innovative, event, co-work, storage and/or creative artist space.