Got Space?

Norwood Space Center is a commercial real estate development where business, arts and sciences come together in a dynamic 300,000 square foot mixed use mill building campus conveniently located at 83 Morse Street, Norwood between Boston, MA and Providence, RI.

Tenants thrive by creating their own tenant space within our retail, commercial, industrial, creative office, self storage, market and event community. You create the space you need for creative collaboration.

The development as of Fall 2017 –

Building 1 is the Planet Self Storage facility. Planet Self Storage is the perfect storage solution for every need. Because of the variety of unit sizes, it is easy to fit just about anything from a few extra boxes or a furnished bedroom to the space of an entire house.

Building 2 (orange events space) is the main event space. The space is 15,000 sf with high ceilings, lots of windows and a cement floor. The space holds 300 people and can be used for weddings, corporate functions, private events, musical performances, film shoots, comedy and more.

Building 4 (green leased building) was renovated and leased in 2017. It is home to Percival Beer Company, Puratos USA, Little Bird Events and Baystate Energy Reduction. Other tenants (blue and gold leased) include Cana Home who acquired Aldrich Stone, Vanity World and College Town Auto.

Building 6 is our largest creative studio space. With open ceiling concept, plywood walls and cement floors, these spaces range is size from 280 sf to 600 sf. Amenities include a shared work space with wi-fi, conference room space and kitchenette, common bathrooms and truck loading. These spaces are ideal for artists, creative consultants, innovators, entrepreneurs, small business owners and those who are tired of working from home or the local coffee shop. There are 4 front facing units that are home to The Exhibit Source, Ruby Rockets and Alex Jones Photography.

Building 6 Mezzanine is located on the second floor over the community and conference room. There are 9 creative studio spaces ranging in size from 214 to 346 sf. These have brick walls, open ceiling concept and lots of light.

Building 8 will be available 9/1/2018. This building consists of 4 front units (which are rented at this time), 16 creative studios and 7 private creative work spaces. The creative work spaces have open ceiling concept (40 ft. high) with sky lights, 8 ft. walls and cement floors. Studios range in size from 283-374 sf. These small spaces can be combined to create a larger space, if needed. The private creative work spaces have 9-1/2 ft ceilings, large windows overlooking the courtyard and options for cement or rugged floors. These studios range from 351 to 594 sf.

Building 10 offers low cost short-term warehouse and storage space ranging in size from 2,500 to 17,000 square feet. This building is identical to the event space seen in Building 2, approximately 20,000 square feet.

Planet Self Storage can accommodate ever changing tenant storage needs at preferred property tenant rates.

For more information on this upcoming hive of creative commerce: email David DePree, Principal at or call 781-269-5515 work | 774-255-0157 cell.

Deal directly with the property owner and receive a full fee. Norwood Space Center is a joint venture development between Boston based Cathartes, LLC and Juliano Enterprises, Cambridge Savings Bank provided $10M in construction financing to deliver fully renovated spaces to your tenants.