Let’s face it, COVID has made us all stressed. A friend recently used the term triggered. She felt that she was pressured to be productive from home for work, be attentive as a parent to her kids, begin thinking about school situations and yearning to be around people again. There is a constant feeling of being on-guard, maybe giving reason for the term triggered.

When will life slow down, when will we get back to normal. The new normal is different and it won’t be changing anytime soon.

What if you had a private office space, not far from where you live, easily accessible, 24/7? What if you could share that space with other members of your family? A spouse, a significant other, a high school or college student? What if you could get all the benefits of a shared office space, too, with WiFi, small conference space and privacy booths?

And as a bonus, free coffee, hot chocolate and tea.

Take a ride over to 83 Morse Street and tour the Norwood Space Center. It is clean, quiet and a safe alternative to working from home. With numerous, private office spaces available, you can arrive with your computer and have a standing desk, chair and file cabinet waiting for you in the office.

Lastly, if you rent an office space, you have access to the WORKBAR network. That means, if you have to travel into Boston for a meeting and need space to meet, you have access to all WORKBAR locations. Not bad!

Call Tricia White at 508-954-6506 or tricia@norwoodspacecenter.com.